What is it that we do?

If you own a Tesla, you know how scary it can be in the beginning to use the autopilot feature. This is a widespread comment by almost all new Tesla owners. Also, when you pick up your Tesla, they do put you through a quick tour of the features of the Tesla, and off you go. 

Well, this vehicle is packed full of technology unlike most have ever seen. There are so many features in the autopilot and the summon feature that you couldn’t even hope to know much about them at the time of pickup. 

 One Tesla forum I visited had a female asking for help, and they responded, “it’s a car, just go drive it! So, you can see the problem. In other places on the web, I found many people saying that autopilot saved their lives. 

A short version of the story is they were driving in CA in the San Joaquin Valley, which is known for horrible fog during the winter. There they were driving along, and the Tesla started to brake heavy and move to the side of the road. When they came to a stop, they could see a 22 car pileup in the fog! Had they not been using autopilot, he said he was sure would have killed them. 

When technology takes a giant leap, the new technology users get what I call “technology shock.” Tesla forums are a great place to put questions out to other Tesla owners to get an expert response. It’s actually fun to see the responses from these Tesla forums as everyone seems to have a different angle on the responses to one post problem. 

Another great resource is YouTube. You can search for your questions by using the search bar but include Tesla in the query. Plus, you can search Tesla forums by using large cities in the query. The larger cities forums are very active, and you have a good chance of getting some advice.

Have a great Tesla day!



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