Dr. Sam Rabinawitiz is our company CEO. He has been a lifetime entrepreneur and is a visionary. He also has developed four startups in the technology world, namely, podcast.MD, and several others. He has a Tesla, and this business idea came from a lack of adequate training with the Tesla.

Greg Kornspan is our COO. He has been in startups for over 40 years. He had a very successful career with his first startup in Los Angeles and brought that company into the computer world. He is also very detailed oriented, so as such helps to keep the company moving forward.

Sidney Michell is our corporate lawyer and also a business advisor. 

Judith Everett is our Chief training officer who develops all the training programs and oversees the teaching of those programs. She is a very accomplished individual in commercial management and operations/training. 

Madeline Eckles is our CXO for the company. She will work with the user experience of our app and play a great role with the app develpers.

Leeya Schaefer is our home office manager. 

Autopilot instructor

Autopilot instructor

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