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Is this the tipping point?

Electronic car sales are booming! Electric car sales globally grew at a whopping 43%! In Europe alone, the electric car sales exceeded half a million cars. Now even the current US administration is looking for ways to incentivize Americans to purchase electric cars. After much time, have we reached the tipping point for preference in electric vehicles over …

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48 Reasons to purchase a Model 3 Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 It’s interesting to see all the reasons why people purchase a Tesla. Obviously, some models are more popular than others, and that is mostly a price point issue, I suspect. The tesla model 3 price is down to $38,000 within the luxury car prices. Plus, you can lease tesla vehicles, which makes it a …

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Technology car history

Today’s cars can have up to 700 horsepower, but in the 1800s, a horse and buggy were the means of ground transportation. That mode of transportation was literally 1 or 2 horsepower! Or, in some cases, oxen or donkeys.  Then enter the first car invented in 1886 and was invented by an Austrian Karl Benz. This car …

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