About Drivyn

The Tesla Model Y

Drivyn is a start-up company centered on Tesla vehicles but not limited to just one manufacture. We also will be looking at the many Tesla Forums and see what they are talking about in the EV world. 

We are opening a driving school in Nevada that will offer electric vehicle driver training. With all the new technology, everyone with a Tesla or the like should learn as much about their vehicle as possible. Why? Well, take autopilot from Tesla; it is so rich in technology and features. 

The current driving packages are for the Tesla Model 3Tesla Model YTesla Model X, and the Tesla Model S. We believe that the more capable you are with your car technology, the safer you are.

We are also looking closely at the Tesla Cybertruck and when that is going roll out for sale. It will become quite a “splash” in the EV world.

We will also be looking into the Electric Vehicle companies, so stay tuned as we get going!

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