48 Reasons to purchase a Model 3 Tesla

The Tesla Model 3

It’s interesting to see all the reasons why people purchase a Tesla. Obviously, some models are more popular than others, and that is mostly a price point issue, I suspect. The tesla model 3 price is down to $38,000 within the luxury car prices. Plus, you can lease tesla vehicles, which makes it a bit easier on the pocket book.

The consumer reports news recently reported that the most loved Tesla model is the Model 3! Here are some of the reasons that Model 3 owners love their Tesla car.

  1. Cheap and renewable fuel.
  2. Can charge your car at home.
  3. No carbon footprint.
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Superfast charging, including the new V3 super fast charging.
  6. The Model 3 has the highest safety rating ever awarded from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  7. Autopilot plus full self-driving is thoroughly FUN.
  8. The glass roof as it’s nice to look out at particular times and places.
  9. Using your cell phone, you can preheat or precool your Model 3.
  10. Fantastic seats.
  11. Keyless locking and unlocking.
  12. Your MCU (display device) can play games and access video channels—for example, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and music channels like Spotify.
  13. Can play chess against another person in the car.
  14. Has many selections of games. Very useful if you are waiting in a recharging station.
  15. Lot’s of on-board cargo space.
  16. You can tell people that you are driving on sunshine! Charging your car comes from solar energy.
  17. Super smooth driving experience.
  18. The best navigation system in the world.
  19. Can set home charging to when electricity is at a low price.
  20. Cabin overheat protection.
  21. Quiet at low speeds.
  22. Three-level seats.
  23. PETA approved interior materials like seats etc.
  24. It has a summon mode where you can bring the car to your location.
  25. It has a “sentry mode” as it watches out for intruders, vandals, and other people near the car records, all just in case.
  26. Can put a setting passcode on the MCU that stops people from using your car. It’s like keypad access for your phone to open it up to use.
  27. Can open windows, trunks, and frunk (storage place in the front where gas engines would be found, all with your smartphone.
  28. Can set a valet mode and the speed limit mode.
  29. Navigation screens and the phone app shows the number of available stalls and the location of superchargers.
  30. The sound system is excellent.
  31. Can access carpool lanes, free parking, and other perks in specific locations.
  32. Can schedule car maintenance via the app.
  33. Can request roadside assistant and select a list of common issues all via the app.
  34. Can find your car via the Tesla app.
  35. Has driver profiles (how you like your seat settings, mirrors, etc.)
  36. Tremendous efficiency!
  37. Almost no car maintenance.
  38. Great range on a full charge.
  39. The way the door “pops” open with the touch of a button.
  40. Supercharging makes excellent road trips and extremely enjoyable. You can rest, use a toilet, or even get Tesla food specials with restaurants nearby.
  41. Superb handling much like a sports car.
  42. The navigation screen shows the number of free supercharging stalls at a supercharging station.
  43. Zero emissions!
  44. Internet software updates.
  45. Can take voice commands.
  46. A minimalist interior.
  47. Air conditioning vents are unique (by Tesla) and works better than any other AC vent on the market.
  48. Automatic headlights.
  49. Automatic windshield wipers.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. As you can see, people that own a Tesla Model 3 are very passionate about their Tesla; if I forgot any reasons to have one send me an email from the contact page.

The author is Peter Brusso

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