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We love our electric cars and especially our Tesla cars! What you will find on this site is a cornucopia of information, training, and programs to help the new Tesla owner get comfortable and use their autopilot to the maximum. 

Many new Tesla owners are not comfortable with the Autopilot. As a matter of fact, many cringe using it, which is just the result of not knowing how it works.

Once you understand all the features of the autopilot you will really love this wonderful Tesla feature. The autopilot has saved many lives too.

Driving in foggy conditions where you can’t see very far ahead but your autopilot can. This feature has even saved a family from a 22 car pileup in California. Check out the story in our story section.

We are also watching the market place for electric car sales and how the price is coming down. We are closely watching the Tesla model y price all the way to Tesla Suv.

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